The Padding Between The Title

This post is just so everyone can get to know what exactly I do. My partner has his own web development business, and I handle most of the website designs. Before I started studying at UNISA, the first thing I learnt was HTML and CSS.

I am currently at the position between being a web designer and a web developer. Sadly, I am quite far from either side. There’s a lot of padding between the titles for me.

My photoshop skills aren’t great. I cannot design professional logos, make letterheads, decent looking PDFs, brochures or pamplets.

My JavaScript isn’t so great either, so I can’t make my own interactive elements on a website yet. I am still in progress of learning PHP to do my own custom developments and database work. I can’t develop plugins on WordPress either.

So where does that leave me? I guess I am a WordPress Designer.

A Summary Of What I Do

I consider HTML and CSS a fundamental life skill at this point. Now, I am not an expert like some of the badass designers and developers, but I use it literally every single day. At some point, I’m bound to be considered an expert.

At this moment, I mainly design websites on WordPress, but I would not be able to do what I do without using CSS and ‘Inspect Element’  every 5 minutes. To be fair, I have no idea what actual web designers do since I work from home and mostly do my own thing. As long as the clients website is responsive, looks great and they love it – I’m happy. If they don’t, I know I can change whatever they want me to using – you guessed it – CSS.

I use a very customisable theme called The 7. Sometimes I use other themes when I don’t plan on customising anything too much because I hate working with other themes. Funny enough, for this website, I am using a theme called Malina because its a blogging theme. I wanted to try something different. So, don’t judge my skills purely on this website.

Using The 7 allows me to design  any website look and feel I want. For some projects it takes me days just to find inspiration for the landing page since I know how important it is.

The website has to bring across the culture of the business. If they are a very professional company, my designs for them are usually more modern, spacious, more white / black and whatever splash of colour they have in their logo. If the business has a casual nature, the website is more friendly and can have lots of other fun things thrown in.

Either way, I don’t design rainbow or colourful websites unless I have to. I choose a max of 1 – 2 main colours, excluding white and black. I base my design off the logo and the colours in it. Some logos make this process a breeze, and some make this very hard.

When it comes to my designs, they get better along the way. I hope 5 years from now I can officially somewhat call myself a full-stack developer, or at least a good web designer. I love the front-end side more, but I want to be able to build my own custom projects.

My very FIRST custom project called Pet Bridge is launching this year. Keep an eye out for it here! Thanks for reading my first blog post, ever. They will improve over time, so feel free to come back in 5 years. Maybe I will have some front-end development posts by then too, who knows.